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Jute sacking bag is the most popular and environment friendly packaging solution for agriculture industries. Sacking is heavy, loosely-woven cloth, manufactured from Coarser yarn either plain or Twills, weighing from 12 oz to 24 oz a yard (372 gms to 744.1 gms a meter) of different width. Sacking bags are used as containers for packaging of various commodities.

Difference quality and size of Jute Sack / Bag:

We supply various types of jute sack as per clients requirements but most commonly used types are Standard BTwills Bag, Binola Twills Bag, L.Twills Bag, A-Twills bag,  Heavycees Bag, Lightcees Bag, DW bags etc.

Clients can order any size according to their packaging need. Most commonly used size are: 44 inches X 26 inches, 44 inches X 26.5 inches, 43 inches X 29 inches weight can be 2lbs to 2.5lbs.

All the above mentioned qualities are also available in Food Grade quality. For detail Click Here 

Jute bag can be used for various commodity for:JUTE SACK BAG PIC 4

  • Rice packaging
  • Wheat packaging
  • Paddy packaging
  • Olive packaging
  • Bean packaging
  • Tobacco packaging
  • Fertilizer packaging
  • Cotton packaging
  • Cattle and Poultry packaging
  • Sugar packaging